Klein Buendel’s 2019 Research Highlights

Klein Buendel’s 2019 Research Highlights

In our 17th year, Klein Buendel scientists and staff continue to conduct rigorous behavioral science research with numerous collaborators from across the country. In 2019, our investigators published 15 new research manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals and presented their research findings via 18 posters and presentations at 10 local, national, and international conferences and expert meetings. One of our posters was nominated for Best Poster in the Prevention and Public Health division at the Science of Dissemination and Implementation in Health annual conference, and one of our papers was selected by its journal to be included in their December 2019 Continuing Medical Education (CME) exam.

In April 2019, KB opened a new satellite research office in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The office is led by Dr. Gill Woodall, KB Senior Scientist, and conducts research projects with southwestern populations. 

Dr. Valerie Myers, KB Senior Scientist, was appointed this year by the Board of Directors of the Society of Behavioral Medicine to serve as the Education, Training, and Career Development Committee Chair. Her three-year term will begin in April of 2020.

In March of 2019, Dr. Barbara Walkosz, KB Senior Scientist, lectured on Media Literacy and Health Communication at Beijing Normal University in China. Dr. Walkosz also serves as an appointed Commissioner for Denver Mayor Michael Hancock’s Commission on Aging, part of the Agency for Human Rights and Community Partnerships.

In April of 2019, Dr. David Buller, KB Director of Research, lectured on KB’s occupational sun protection research (Sun Safe Workplaces) in a class at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. And in December, he presented initial findings from an ongoing social media campaign for mothers to improve adolescent health and reduce indoor tanning (Health Chat) via webinar to the Health Communication and Informatics Research Branch of the National Cancer Institute.

In product news, we licensed our Train to Tend® responsible marijuana vendor training program to Avid Will LLC for marketing and sales have started to take off. Also, sales of the very successful Way To Serve® responsible alcoholic beverage server training program continue to accelerate. And in September, we made one of our long-time products – the Grow, Eat Thrive elementary school nutrition and gardening curriculum – available for free online.

Lastly, KB was recognized in 2019 as #47 on Colorado Biz Magazine’s Top 100 Woman-Owned Companies list, and was #130 on their Top 200 Private Companies list.

Here’s to a Very Healthy and Happy New Year!


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*The above paper was selected by JOEM as an article to be included in their December 2019 CME exam.

  • Gonzalez CD, Rundle CW, Pona A, Walkosz BJ, Dellavalle RP. Ultraviolet radiation may cause premature fading of colored tattoos. Photodermatol Photoimmunol Photomed. 2019 Aug 28. doi: 10.1111/phpp.12509. [Epub ahead of print]
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Conference Presentations

Society of Behavioral Medicine Annual Meeting: March 6-9 in Washington, DC

  • Berteletti J, Buller DB, Pagoto S, Walkosz B, Bibeau J, Baker K, Hillhouse J, Henry K. Mothers’ beliefs about adolescent marijuana use: insights from a Facebook-delivered intervention and randomized trial. Oral presentation.
  • Reynolds KD, Buller DB, Buller MK, Massie K, Berteletti J, Ashley J, Meenan RT. Randomized trial evaluating an intervention supporting implementation of sun safety policies in public elementary schools. Oral presentation.
  • Myers VH, Loeb SJ, Kitt-Lewis E, Wion R, Murphy J, Jerrod T, Carter M. E-training of Inmate Peer Caregivers for Enhancing Geriatric and End-of-Life Care in Prisons. Oral presentation.
  • Bibeau JL, Berteletti J, Goetz JM, Massie K. Using project management skills in behavioral research. Pre-conference workshop presentation.

American Society of Preventive Oncology Annual Meeting: March 10-12 in Tampa, Florida

  • Myers V. Technology and Health Behavior: Crossing the Digital Divide. Oral presentation.

Eastern Nursing Research Society Annual Meeting: April 3-5 in Providence, Rhode Island

  • Loeb SJ, Kitt-Lewis E, Myers VH, Wion R, and Murphy J, Jerrod T, Carter M. Inmate Caregiver Training in Geriatrics and End-Of-Life. Oral presentation.

DC Health Communication Conference: April 25-27 in Fairfax, Virginia

  • Buller D. Grant Writing 101: Boot Camp with NIH. Pre-conference workshop presentation.

Society for Prevention Research Annual Meeting: May 28-31 in San Francisco, California

  • Byrnes H, Miller B, Bourdeau B, Johnson MB, Buller DB, Berteletti J, and Rogers V. Group cohesion among social drinking groups at nightclubs and risk from alcohol and other drug use. Poster presentation.
  • Miller B, Byrnes H, Rogers V, Bourdeau B, Grube J, Johnson MB, Buller DB, Berteletti J. Group-based intervention for overuse of alcohol in a high-risk context: Examining the influence of group gender composition on outcomes. Poster presentation.
  • Saltz R, Buller D, Woodall WG, Grayson A. Refusal of pseudo-intoxicated customers by retail marijuana outlets in three U.S. states. Poster presentation.

Kettil Bruun Society Annual Meeting: June 3-7 in Utrecht, Netherlands

  • Woodall WG, Buller DB, Saltz R, Perez F, Chacon-Silva A, Sanchez V, Reither J, Starling R, Diaz L. WayToServe Español: A web-based responsible beverage service training for Spanish-speaking alcohol servers. Oral presentation.

National Research Society on Alcoholism Annual Scientific Meeting: June 22-26 in Minneapolis, Minnesota

  • Woodall WG, Saltz R, Buller D, Perez F, Chacon Silva A, Sanchez V, Starling R. Refusal of alcohol sales to pseudo-intoxicated patrons in primarily Spanish-speaking premises: A tale of two states. Oral presentation.

North American Association of Transportation Safety and Health Officials Annual Conference: September 8-12 in New Orleans, Louisiana

  • Grayson A. Go sun smart at work. Oral presentation.

European Society for Prevention Research Conference: September 16-18 in Ghent, Belgium

  • Buller D, Woodall WG, Saltz R, Grayson A, Svendsen S, Buller M. Effects of an online responsible vendor training for recreational cannabis stores on sales to pseudo-intoxicated customers: need for increased deterrence. Oral presentation. 
  • Miller B, Byrnes H, Rogers V, Bourdeau B, Grube J, Buller D, Woodall WG, Berteletti J. A family-based program to reduce teen alcohol use and risky sexual behavior. Oral presentation. 
  • Woodall WG, Miller B, Buller D, Byrnes H, Bourdeau B, Grube J, Rogers V, Berteletti J. Effect of teen engagement with a family-based online intervention on reduction in alcohol use by teens. Poster presentation.

The Science of Dissemination & Implementation in Health Conference: December 4-6 in Washington, DC

  • Buller DB, Reynolds KD, Buller MK, Meenan R, Ashley J, Berteletti J, Massie K. An implementation intervention for school sun safety policies increased parents’ reports of sun safety communication from schools and children’s sun protection. Oral presentation.
  • Buller DB, Walkosz B, Buller M, Meenan R, Eye R, Grayson A, Olivas S. An Implementation Model for the Cost-effective Scale-up of the Sun Safe Workplaces Program. Poster presentation.*

*The above poster was nominated for Best Poster in the division of Prevention and Public Health at the Science of Dissemination & Implementation in Health Conference.

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