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Month: May 2017

Trust – Part 1 of 3

Trust – Part 1 of 3

Strive to be Straightforward, Steadfast and Sincere

*Names have been changed to protect privacy.*

Seven months pregnant and eagerly anticipating the arrival of her first baby, Caitlyn Green’s world dramatically changed. A lump! Breast cancer. She’d always had nearly perfect health, but now she worried.

Caitlyn had read all the bestselling books expectant mothers read. The books told her to avoid caffeine, limit fish intake, and exercise wisely. But they didn’t address this. This situation was not the norm.

Caitlyn’s doctor became her information lifeline. He explained that it’s safe to have some types of chemotherapy while pregnant. She was still anxious for the baby until Alissa arrived with a full head of hair crying loudly. The hair meant that the chemotherapy hadn’t crossed the placenta to the baby. Caitlyn had no hair.

Right after Alissa was born Caitlyn had a double mastectomy. She was told not to lift anything heavier than 10 pounds, including her baby. So, other people would hold and carry Alissa for her. It was a tough thing for Caitlyn to watch. She desperately wanted to be a hands-on mom, but this cancer journey required that she put her trust in other people.

Trust is a significant part of Caitlyn’s relationships with her husband, family, friends, coworkers, and medical team. In trusting relationships, we expect others to act in a way that is caring and respectful of our interests and needs.

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